Montana Historical Populated Places


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Historical Features are physical or cultural features that are no longer visible on the landscape. Examples: a dried up lake, a destroyed building, a hill leveled by mining. The term makes no reference to the age, use, or any other aspect of the feature. A ghost town, for example, is not a historical feature if it is still visible.

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Name County USGS Topo Map
Abbott Lake Pondera Abbott Lake
Abe Madison Bucks Nest
Absher Musselshell Queens Point
Adobe Madison Virginia City
Akerville Fergus Lewistown
Albright Cascade Riceville
Albright Rosebud Rosebud
Alice Garfield McWilliams Springs
Allard Lake East Bay
Allen Garfield Calamity Coulee
Allendale Silver Bow Butte North
Alma Liberty Bobcat Coulee SE
Altyn Glacier Lake Sherburne
Amador Mineral Idaho Gulch
Anad Garfield Edwards
Andersonville Fergus New Year
Anselmo Silver Bow Butte North
Ardrum Missoula Northwest Missoula
Armells Fergus Armells
Armstead Beaverhead Red Rock
Arthur Richland Poplar
Ashley Flathead Kalispell
Ashleys Settlement Sanders Eddy Mountain
Ashmoor Chouteau Knees
Atlantic City Lewis and Clark Granite Butte
Avondale Valley Larslan NW
Aznoe Chouteau Shannon Bridge
Baird Granite Ravenna
Bakers Valley Todd Lakes
Barr Valley Burnett Creek
Barr Valley Papoose Hills
Battrick Fergus Milk Springs
Bearpaw Blaine Big John Butte
Beaver Flats Carter Beaver Flats South
Beck Teton Collins SE
Been Wibaux Odland Dam NW
Belgian Colony Pondera Belgian Hill
Belmont Lewis and Clark Greenhorn Mountain
Belton Cascade Belt
Benrud Roosevelt Reed Springs
Bensons Landing Park Livingston
Benton Lake Cascade Benton Lake East
Big Foot Jefferson Ratio Mountain
Big Warm Blaine Ball Coulee
Birch Creek Beaverhead Glen
Bitter Root Ravalli Stevensville
Blackfoot Garfield Blackfoot School
Blackfoot City Powell Ophir Creek
Blakeslee Petroleum Teigen NW
Blue Cloud Lewis and Clark Black Mountain
Boston Heights Cascade Northeast Great Falls
Box Elder Cascade Fife
Box Elder Fergus Roy
Box Elder Phillips Sheep Coulee
Box Springs Fergus Pike Creek
Boyd Roosevelt Fort Kipp
Bradley Powell Luke Mountain
Braggville Garfield Smoky Butte Creek
Brinkman Hill Rocky Coulee SW
Broadhead Pondera Dupuyer East
Brookside Phillips Ester Lake
Brorson Richland Brorson
Bruce Garfield Twin Buttes
Brunelda Garfield Emma Butte
Buford Mineral Boyd Mountain
Burlington Silver Bow Butte North
Burnt Creek Treasure South Bear Creek
Burnt Fork Ravalli Corley Gulch
Burton Teton Eyraud Lakes
Butchertown Silver Bow Butte North
Butte Creek Garfield Brusett
Cable City Deer Lodge Silver Lake
Cactus Flat McCone Fort Peck
Caledonia Carbon Red Lodge East
Calkins Meagher Catlin Spring
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